We encourage women investors to strengthen Connecticut’s ecosystem by supporting them as they invest in promising early stage companies.


A fund dedicated to supporting early stage companies with a focus on diversity and equity, increasing the number of active women investors in Connecticut and beyond.


Tidal River Network was co-founded by Annie Lamont and Alison Malloy, to provide opportunities for accredited women investors to collaborate around deal flow, due diligence, investing, learning, and networking, with the goal of getting more women on cap tables.

After multiple networking events and investing in eight deals, the logical next step was to launch a Fund.

Our Mission

To build out a community of like-minded women accredited investors, provide angel investing education, share deal flow and empower them to invest in high-caliber companies that prioritize diversity and equity.

We invest in industries that are ripe for disruption. The fund is looking to make 8-10 investments within three years.



Fund I closed on December 31, 2023. Please email Galia Gichon for more information. Although Fund I has closed, we are already planning ahead for Fund II. If you are an accredited investor looking to invest in the next fund or spend time with other like-minded women investors, sign up below to learn more and become part of our community.